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Managing Director – DSV Solutions, Canada


PB Staffing is fully committed to providing the highest level of service and access to its clients. We can quickly respond to any needs for additional hiring or provision of replacement workers. For placements of more than 50 employees, PB Staffing will provide a dedicated on-site representative to manage the time, attendance, compensation, and training resources for all PB employees.

As your preferred supplier, we can provide the following:

  • Single Point of Contact: We will be your primary point of contact for all of your high-volume staffing needs. That way, there will be no need for you to engage with multiple staffing agencies.
  • Consolidated Billing: Instead of receiving separate invoices from multiple staffing agencies, we will provide a consolidated invoice, greatly simplifying the billing and payment process.
  • Streamlined Processes: As your preferred vendor, we will manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding and managing the workforce. This will result in more efficient and streamlined processes.
  • Cost Savings: By consolidating staffing services under a preferred vendor, our clients are able to negotiate better rates and terms. This will lead to cost savings in the long run.
  • Quality Control: PB Staffing Solutions will ensure consistent quality and compliance with your hiring requirements.
  • Reporting and Analytics: As a preferred supplier, we will provide reporting and analytics on workforce performance, spending, and other relevant date to help you make more informed decisions.

By working with PB Staffing Solutions as your preferred vendor for your high-volume recruiting needs, we can help to greatly simplify and centralize the management of your workers, leading to greater efficiency and cost control.

Employers Registration

Our Industries


We specialize in providing staffing solutions for the warehousing and logistics industry, ensuring efficient operations and seamless supply chain management.

Public Service & Administration

Our expertise extends to the public service and administration sector, offering skilled professionals to support government and administrative functions.

Recruitment Solution

Temporary Placement

We provide temporary placement services to help businesses fill short-term positions quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment services focus on finding the right candidates for long-term roles, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization's needs and culture.


We prioritize diversity in our recruitment processes, promoting inclusive hiring practices to build diverse and dynamic teams within your organization.

Health & Safety Training

Our health and safety training programs ensure that your employees are well-prepared to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Employer Faq’s

You'll Find Answers Here!

  • 01. What is the fee for temporary placements?

    Our rate include vacation pay, stat holiday, payroll cost, employee wages, Employment Insurance (EI), CPP, advertising and other admin cost that may incurred. Rates will be available upon request depending on the experience and skills required for the job.

  • 02. What is the fee for Direct Hire?

    We will only invoice you once you decide to hire one of our exceptional candidates. We don’t charge you for interviewing and reviewing resume of the candidate.